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Winning with the Insider44 Sports Investing System

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Winning with the Insider44 Sports Investing System

Welcome to Insider44!

This system we are sharing with you has been painstakingly developed over the last several years. I want to make sure that our followers understand that this is not a get rich quick system. We post plays daily that have a strong possibility of winning. This is all statistic driven information. We don't offer 'Plays of the Decade', or any other such nonsense. Each of our suggested plays is statistically sound.  There are times when we win several in a row, there are times when we lose several in row, and there are times where its back and forth day to day. The key to successfully using this system is acting on our plays everyday. In the long run, if you follow us consistently, you will have a big enough edge to overcome the juice and have a positive Return on Investment year over year.

I'm sure many of you know about bankroll management, but I will quickly run through a basic refresher because it is absolutely crucial if we are to succeed.

Never bet more than 1%-3% of your bankroll per play. Pick a percentage in that range you are comfortable with and do not deviate from it. So, for example, let's say you find that you are comfortable with 1%.  If you have a $10,000 bankroll to begin with,  you would be betting $100 per play.  Every time. Don't let positive or negative emotions sway you into moving off that number. As your bankroll increases adjust your bet size accordingly. An example of this is once your bankroll increases to $12,500 you would increase your bet size to $125.

This one area of your betting strategy is just as important as having a winning record. It takes a disciplined approach, because even with a winning record if you fluctuate your bet size often you can still end up losing money.

Over the years we have seen how most pick services operate. Our goal at Insider44 is to separate ourselves from the many competitors in this market. So many of these services have average results at best and charge substantial prices for daily picks.  If you have to pay $20 for a play that loses its just as bad as your sportsbook marking the juice up to -130 when every other sportsbook has the line at -110. Over the long run this is a losing strategy as it greatly increases what your win percentage has to be for you to come out ahead.

Our mission at Insider44 is to provide our customers with a winning edge at a price that doesn't destroy profits. Our pricing is set up so that you can be successful. At $99 a month, or less if you purchase long term packages, and having at least one play per day that comes up to $3.33 or less per play on average. We want you to succeed with us. Not just today, but year after year.

In order to be successful in sports betting you have to adopt the mindset that this is a long term investment strategy. We approach it as if this is a 401k in which we get to actively participate in. If you are investing in a 401k do you pay attention to your account everyday? More than likely you aren't concerned with day to day to volatility. You just want to see consistent growth over the years right? With that in mind, so many bettors we have encountered over the years seem to think that you should win every play everyday. That's impossible. To be profitable you have to win more than 52.4% of the time. Our 1st year we won 58% and in our 2nd year we won 54%. The pros in the sports betting industry all agree a consistent 55% win rate and you are in the elite of the elite handicappers. Take all this into account and trust the system. Follow our lead and you won't be disappointed.

The team here at Insider44 has, and will continue to work hard to provide you with the results you deserve. We all truly appreciate your trust and your business. If you like our results please share our site with your friends and fellow bettors. Help us become the top Sports Investing service!

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